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Haus Khlemele

Haus Khlemele is an ancient building located at the entrance of Sauris di Sotto Sauris village.
It offers two recently renovated apartments of different size, equipped with all comforts and amenities to make your mountain vacation comfortable and relaxing.

Accommodation Pa 'Patrn - 4 + 2 persons
Located on the ground floor, it has a private garden with sun terrace and allows a relaxing panoramic view of the valley of Sauris.
Being renovated with quality materials it is ideal for families or couples and groups seeking quality and relaxation.


Pame Khlemele accommodation - 2 + 2 people
Very bright prestigious studio apartment located on the first floor, suitable for couples and / or families with children, with parking in the common area and private terrace for exclusive use.

Located in a quiet area surrounded by nature this is a great base for trips to the lake, the mountain pastures and the surrounding peaks.

Famiglia Lucchini
Sauris di Sotto
33020 Sauris (UD)
Ph: +39 366 1010630
e-mail: info@haus-khlemele.it
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