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Go biking

Give way to your passion for cycling and live a vacation in the mountains immersed in the unique natural environment of Carnia.

You can cycle along the mule tracks and pass over the ridges. Once you're on top, a magnificent

view of the Julian Alps will embrace you and help in finding your true dimension thanks to its imaginative silence.


In Sauris you give life to a new challenge with yourself: ride after ride you will conquer the high altitudes and live the excitement of daring descents ... what a show!

In Carnia you can meet new friends to share your adventures and spend the end of the day together in a pleasant relax.


Go biking means ...

  • mountain bike and e-bike holidays
  • accommodations equipped with all amenities and specialized services
  • bike excursions in the mountains accompanied by expert guides
  • visits to places of history, culture and tradition present along the routes in the mountains of Carnia
  • moments of relaxation and conviviality at the end of the day with access to the Spa, the practice of massage and yoga
  • authentic dining experiences, respecting the Carnic tradition, with proper attention to nutritional aspects

A taste of what you can do in Sauris


  • From Forni Avoltri to Alpine pasture Tuglia
  • From Forni di Sopra to Alpine hut Giaf
  • Round trip of the Alpine pastures of Forni di Sopra
  • Sauris and the Round trip of the Alpine pastures

  • Natural Park of the Friulian Dolomites
  • Gorge of Las Callas
  • Gorge of Fleons
  • Gorge of the Lumiei torrent
  • Gorge of Vinadia
  • Bordaglia Lake
  • Lake Cavazzo
  • Lake Sauris
  • Lake Verzegnis
  • Lake Volaia
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