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Natural regeneration

Sauris is the ideal place to spend a natural holiday.
Amidst our mountains you reactivate your senses and you take care of your body and mind.
Live new experiences together with our professional guides, get to know yourself even deeper and learn new skills which are useful to improve your daily life.
Experience the benefits of light physical activity combined with some rejuvenating relax and pampering.
With us you may allow yourself the luxury of enjoying the authentic Carnia kitchen maintaining the right balance for a healthy diet.


Natural regeneration is ...

  • relaxing holiday in the mountains
  • yoga and meditation holiday 
  • physical slow activity (Nordic walking, hiking and biking, yoga)
  •  activities for body care (massage, sauna, swimming pool)
  • activities for the welfare of the mind (yoga of laughter, meditation, mindfullness)
  • easy excursions to visit places of history, culture and traditions of Carnia, accompanied by expert guides
  • participation in activities of daily living on the country side
  • authentic dining experiences, respecting the Carnic tradition, with full attention to nutritional aspects
  • A taste of what you can do in Sauris

  • Lake Bordaglia and Giramondo pass
  • From pass Elbel to Pesarina Valley
  • High route to Forni
  • Circular trail of the three Alpine huts
  • Around Monte Crostis

  • Natural Park of the Friulian Dolomites
  • Las Callas gorge
  • Gorge of Fleons
  • Canyoning in the gorge of the Lumiei torrent
  • Gorge of Vinadia
  • Bordaglia Lake
  • Cavazzo Lake 
  • Sauris Lake 
  • Verzegnis Lake 
  • Volaia Lake 

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