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Sauris lifestyle

When you travel you enrich your life with new knowledge.

Between the mountains of Carnia you return to the contact with the earth, you immerse yourself in a healthy environment with a pace of life and habits of which you appreciate the simplicity.

Choosing a mountain vacation in Sauris, experience the genuineness of the relationships, get to know our history through the words of our people and learn our arts by observing the work of skilled hands.

Although it might seem impossible, our simplicity will open your horizons to new points of view and new experiences.


Sauris lifestyle is ...

  • cultural holiday
  • event vacation in the mountains
  • easy excursions to places of history, culture and traditions of Carnia accompanied by expert guides
  • walks in our extraordinary natural environment
  • meetings with the craftsman, their history, their exclusive objects
  • carving workshop
  • photography workshops
  • cooking and tasting workshop
  • Wellness (massage, sauna, swimming pool)
  • sensory culinary experiences

A taste of what you can do in Sauris