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Team building

Give your team a mountain holiday gift, improve even more your business climate, strengthen the team spirit and the ability to cooperate.

Thanks to the availability of fully customized work programs, you will teach your employees new skills, strengthen their attitude, enhance their qualities and make your company more competitive.

Be inspired by the nature of Carnia, transform it into a creative space and design your new business projects.


Challenge is ...

  • Business holidays
  • personal growth experience
  • team building activities to train the communication and collaboration skills
  • sensory stimulation activities through interaction with nature
  • activities to develop the awareness (such as laughter yoga, meditation, mindfullness)
  • paths for the design of creative ideas (business modeling, visual design, Visula storytelling)
  • cooking workshop and tasting
  • Wellness (massage, sauna, swimming pool)
  • easy excursions to visit our places of interest accompanied by expert guides
  • sensory culinary experiences


A taste of what you can do in Sauris