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Wilderness & adventure

A new way to experience the holiday in the mountains, in the heart of Carnia, face to face with nature.
By walking at high altitudes you can find your most intimate dimension. The silence accompanies your gaze on the horizon.
Do you love to feel the adrenaline in the veins?
Experience canyoning, climbing, flights or simply enter one of our adventure parks.
When you put yourself to the test and you have fun, you will take an unforgettable experience home with you.
In Sauris you will have the chance to meet new friends, share your adventures and pleasant moments of relaxation after a busy day.


Wilderness & adventure is ...

  • holiday trekking and hiking
  • adventure travel
  • accommodations equipped with all amenities and specialized services
  • mountain excursions accompanied by expert guides
  • experience canyoning, climbing, flying
  • visits to places of history, culture and tradition along the routes of the Carnia mountains
  • moments of relaxation and conviviality at the end of the day with access to the Spa, massage treatments and yoga practise
  • authentic dining experiences, respecting Carnic tradition, with proper attention to nutritional aspect

    A taste of what you can do in Sauris

  • From lake Bordaglia to Giramondo pass
  • From Elbel pass to Pesarina valley
  • High route of Forni
  • Circular trail of the three Alpine huts
  • Around Mount Crostis
  • Creta di Collinetta and the mule track of the tunnels
  • From Casera Ramaz to mount Lodin
  • From Casera Ramaz to Alpine hut Fabiani at Pecol di Chiaula pass
  • From Malga Pramosio to Avostanis saddle
  • From Passo di Mount Croce Carnico to Alpine hut Marinelli
  • From Alpine hut Tolazzi to lake Volaia
  • Freikofel on the road to Mount Croce Carnico
  • Lake Dimon
  • Mount Zoufplan and its small lakes
  • Pal Piccolo of the Monte Croce Carnico Mountain pass
  • Alpine Hut Giaf and the circular trail Bianchi
  • The via ferrata of Mount Coglians
  • Pal Piccolo – cliff Sergio De Infanti
  • Slabs of Collina valley – Sergio De Infanti
  • Nature trail of Lander da Piano d’Arta
  • Nature trail Tiziana Weiss
  • Between the casere of Lanza
  • Between the casere and the sinkholes of Sauris
  • Between the pastures of Forni di Sopra
  • Between the pastures of Lateis
  • Truoi dai sclops, the trekking path of the gentians
  • Via Alpina route

  • From Pierabech to Casera Bordaglia di Sotto
  • Alpine hut Pramosio
  • Alpine pasturesTartoi and Tragonia
  • Mount Ruke and Beinte area
  • Panoramic path of the peaks
  • The valley path
  • Alpine hut Giaf (1405 m)

  • Flight group “Nido delle Streghe"
  • Canyoning in the gorge of Lumiei torrent
  • Adventure Climbing ferrata Varmost
  • Dolomiti Adventure Park - high ropes climbing

  • Natural Park of the Dolomiti Friulane
  • Las Callas Gorge 
  • Fleons Gorge 
  • Gorge of the Lumiei torrent
  • Gorge Vinadia
  • Lake Bordaglia
  • Lake Cavazzo
  • Lake Sauris
  • Lake Verzegnis
  • Lake Volaia
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