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Why Sauris

Looking for a mountain holiday out of the ordinary?
Come to Sauris, trust us, we'll give you everything you need.
The typical warm and welcoming atmosphere of Carnia gives you the chance to find moments of pleasant intimacy with your partner, family and close friends.
We at Sauris for you will give you the best care in order to make your Carnia holidays an extraordinary trip.

5 reasons to choos Sauris

The time that you spend on your mountain holiday is precious and we respect that.
We know that everz person has its own way of life and its own passions.
For this reason we have created several travel offers choosing the most suitable activities and the best collaborators.
Follow your style and choose the vacation in Sauris that you feel most passionate about.

Come to Sauris, relax your mind and recharge your batteries

Sauris is a corner of the world in the heart of Carnia / in Friuli Northeast Italy outside the traditional tourist paths.
And 'the ideal place to spend a vacation in the mountains dedicated to the wellness of body and mind.
Here you can indulge in the luxury of being disconnected, to abandon the frenzy of the world outside.
Sauris is a place that you reach when you want.

panoramica sauris di sopra vacanza montagna sauris ricarica vacanza montagna sauris autunno vacanza montagna sauris di sopra

Get in touch with the nature of Carnia

In Sauris you live your mountain holidays face to face with nature.
Make only a few steps and immerge into the green, breathing the scent of a lily and the smell of resin of our fir trees. Feel the gentle grass under your bare feet, listen to the wind whispering in the leaves, feel the crystalline fresh waters of the Lumiei creek on your legs.

An extraordinary journey into the heart of Carnia to enrich your life with new sensations.

sauris natura vista monte bivera vacanza montagna sauris rododendri sauris natura sauris natura

Challenge yourself, meter by meter

Carnia is a place with endless possibilities and we offer you the most suitable challenge for your skills.
Express your wish, prepare the equipment and together with us you choose the destination. Now it's your time, listen to your body, enjoy the trip, breathe deeply. This is the fatigue that regenerates mind and body.

In Sauris your holiday in the mountains becomes the conquest of the most extraordinary prize.

vacanza montagna sauris escursione Mtb vacanza montagna sauris mtb vacanza montagna sauris escursioni

Taste the delicious treats of Friulian mountains

In the mountains of Carnia also the food tells authentic stories.
We tell you the essence of our products because like this you´ll discover a part of us. Close your eyes and smell the fragrance of the smoking process, the taste of alpine milk, the consistency of the "formadi frant" cheese. Observe and learn the art with which we prepare the typical "cjarsons" pastry.
You are in Sauris, awaken your senses and put them to the test.

vacanza montagna sauris formaggio vacanza montagna sauris zuppa vacanza montagna sauris birra zhare vacanza montagna sauris colazione

Feel at home, you´re in Carnia

Sauris has 421 inhabitants, and when one of them crosses the streets of town it's time to meet him.
While taking a walk pay attention, meet their smiles, hear their stories and discover the ancient traditions.
Be curious, watch them carve the wood, embroider or just look after the vegetable garden.
If you ask a question your curiosity will be satisfied. Ours is a big family and you are one of us.

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